Designed by Constance is a line of shawls, wraps, and scarves created exclusively for you by me. You have the opportunity to buy these gorgeous rayon and natural fiber items as seen or you can actually help to design your own. You have the option to choose your own colors, fibers, and trims as well as choose whether you want a plaid, stripe, or a rainbow hand painted look.

Venture in to see where we are now showing the latest creations with our calendar, or sign up for a class. Come back as often as you would like to read my blog, see what I am currently working on or to ask a question. Follow my links to see where our local artists are showing their wares as well, or to join one of the Associations that I belong to.

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...Fun and sophistication, DesignedbyConstance clothing is beautifully woven and versatile..Angelia Yelding Photographer.

A friend of mine gifted me with a wrap, and I get so many compliments. It is one of several items woven by Constance that I have and all are beautiful, functional, and warm. Sheri, Napa CA

— Sheri Napa

My new one-of-a-kind, hand woven shawl by Designed by Constance is so chic and colorful; I receive compliments whenever I wear it. It perfectly complements the new spring and summer fashions and, because of its light weight and go-with-everything-styling, it's my wrap of choice when traveling and or dining in chilly air conditioned restaurants. Sharon Hansgen, Savannah TN

I find the designs of Constance Beck to be of museum quality. Since meeting Constance I have purchased nine of her designs. I have given them as gifts to friends and family. The recipients of these beautiful shawls continually thank me for them and tell me how beautiful they are. I certainly will continue to be a patron of Ms. Beck in the future. I, myself, have a red shawl that I use on these cold Indiana nights to cover myself and I often marvel at the intricate work that has been created. Austin Cox, Indiana

Design Lessons

How long does it take to make that?

I get that question at every show I do, and quite honestly I find it a very difficult question to answer.  Do I start with the selection of dyes I use?  The time to wind the yarn onto my warping board? The process of soaking the yarns into a pre dye bath? The actual painting […]

Switching with the Seasons

As the weather becomes hotter, and I reach for the air conditioner, I am amused by the fact that I am surrounded by piles of wool. The hot and sticky fibers cling to my damp skin but I know that if I am to complete my fall collection it is now or never.  I love […]

Lees Surrender a traditional throw


I have heard that one must be warped to weave, and although true in one sense, sometimes I believe that I may also be a bit warped. Why? Well it takes hours and hours to warp a loom correctly, each little thread (360 on my loom at 12epi) has to go through a heddle on […]


  • $40.00-$100.00

    Scarves and Hats

    Ruffled scarf is no longer available. Wool Hats are hand spun hand dyed felted and trimmed. Hand spun hat in luxury fiber such as alpaca, wolf, possum etc.

  • $45.00

    Beanies and Berets

    Rayon crocheted beret in the flapper style. Can be worn with or without the antique buttoned flower.

  • $275.00

    Fringed Jackets

    Handpainted blends of rayon or cotton are woven into a carefree fringed styled jacket. One size will fit most. Custom orders are available.

  • $180.00

    Wrap Ponchos

    Made of rayon or cotton blends, each wrap is hand painted before the weaving process. One size will fit most. If you need a larger size, I will gladly make one for you. 

  • $225.00 to $400.00

    Triangular Shawl Sets

    Hand Spun Wool Felted Hat with Hand Woven Triangular Woolen Shawl.

  • $395.00

    Shawl and Hat Sets

    All natural colored hand spun fiber, including: Alpaca, Wool, Wolf, Silk, and Blends.