Artistic Statement

From the beginning of time we have been fascinated with fibers. We have combed, spun, dyed, sewn, woven, knitted, or crocheted them into useful and beautiful creations. I am proud to continue that tradition here in the hills of Tennessee. Inspired by a beautiful seasonal palette, lakes, trees, and the lush vegetation, the ideas that flow are as limitless as are the colors and fibers.

My journey began with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and then with an introduction to spinning and dyeing of fibers from the Mendocino Art Center.  From there the dream expanded into a combination of woven items and larger dreams.

In 2002, I left California for the hills of Tennessee, along with hundreds of spools of yarn, three weaving looms and my spinning wheels. Our first purchase included three beautiful colored Angora goats and from there Appalachian Threads was created.  In 2003 I was contracted to Dollywood for their annual Harvest Celebration and my heritage business was expanded into the arena of triangle weaving and yarn making.  Since that time, I have been blessed with demonstration opportunities and selling venues all over Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.  In 2006 I joined the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists and began to show my creations in a larger market.

My next project was to incorporate my artistic vision into the designs I was already making for the historical crafts market. With a play on color and texture, I was able to make what I now call artistic wearables, or Designed by Constance.

Today, I am expanding into the area of global marketing with my newest dream, an interactive web site. With all the creative ideas flowing through my head, it is sure to take many years and multiple challenges to make this dream a reality.

I compare spinning to a time of peace, it is relaxing, mindless, and as the mind wanders the yards of beautiful hand spun yarn appears.  Weaving on the other hand, is methodical, mathematical, and mind absorbing. The finished projects many times leave me in awe…the yin and yang of my life, are the woven threads of my dreams.

Thank you for visiting my site.