How long does it take to make that?

I get that question at every show I do, and quite honestly I find it a very difficult question to answer.  Do I start with the selection of dyes I use?  The time to wind the yarn onto my warping board? The process of soaking the yarns into a pre dye bath? The actual painting […]

Switching with the Seasons

As the weather becomes hotter, and I reach for the air conditioner, I am amused by the fact that I am surrounded by piles of wool. The hot and sticky fibers cling to my damp skin but I know that if I am to complete my fall collection it is now or never.  I love […]

Lees Surrender a traditional throw


I have heard that one must be warped to weave, and although true in one sense, sometimes I believe that I may also be a bit warped. Why? Well it takes hours and hours to warp a loom correctly, each little thread (360 on my loom at 12epi) has to go through a heddle on […]

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Craft Fairs and Square

The last craft fair of the season is over and, believe it or not, I have already started working on my new spring line.  Although not the largest in crowds, everyone was spending and I had a great weekend.  Most popular were the wool hats, and just in time too, as the temperatures plummeted and […]

vendors at SAFF

SAFF Festival

The vendors showing their wares in Asheville, NC.


Well I did attend the SAFF festival, and I purchased a bit of fiber.. some llama, angelica, alpaca, a few patterns, some wool yarn and came home with lots of ideas. I was really surprised to see a llama that was a beautiful orange with cream and tan. On the way home I ran across […]


I am on my way to North Carolina to attend the SAFF fiber festival in Fletcher. Lots of vendors and displays, as well as classes. Hope to come home with new yarns and fiber. First stop…RM Yarns in Georgetown, TN.

warp and weft

Warp and Weft

Once the yarns are washed and dried, it is time to warp the loom. Warping is time consuming but not difficult.  Each yarn has already been measured so now they have to be pulled from the front of the loom to the rear through the reed, a heddle, and then tied onto the back roller […]

Hand Painted Yarns

Hand Painting Yarn

Well today is the first day of my attempt at blogging on my new website. In addition to creating all the pages for this site, I have been busy soaking thousands of yards of rayon in dye baths and readying them for hand painting. So what is this process? Rayon fibers need to be opened […]