Scarves and Hats

Ruffled scarf is no longer available. Wool Hats are hand spun hand dyed felted and trimmed. Hand spun hat in luxury fiber such as alpaca, wolf, possum etc.


Beanies and Berets

Rayon crocheted beret in the flapper style. Can be worn with or without the antique buttoned flower.


Fringed Jackets

Handpainted blends of rayon or cotton are woven into a carefree fringed styled jacket. One size will fit most. Custom orders are available.


Wrap Ponchos

Made of rayon or cotton blends, each wrap is hand painted before the weaving process. One size will fit most. If you need a larger size, I will gladly make one for you. 

$225.00 to $400.00

Triangular Shawl Sets

Hand Spun Wool Felted Hat with Hand Woven Triangular Woolen Shawl.


Shawl and Hat Sets

All natural colored hand spun fiber, including: Alpaca, Wool, Wolf, Silk, and Blends.