Switching with the Seasons

As the weather becomes hotter, and I reach for the air conditioner, I am amused by the fact that I am surrounded by piles of wool. The hot and sticky fibers cling to my damp skin but I know that if I am to complete my fall collection it is now or never.  I love wool and alpaca, I love to wear them, the feel of them, and the longevity that their classic style offers to any wardrobe.  I find that blending the fibers on my carder and even spinning them into lovely yarns makes me feel better. As each yarn is transformed into fabric on the loom and then into garments I am always amazed by what is created.   This years collection will feature a longer jacket, handspun hats and even a few traditional ponchos.  I am toying with a new design for a jacket and fingerless mittens and will hopefully have them out by Christmas time.  In addition I am still making my triangular shawls out of handspuns and have added Celtic Plaids for the local Scottish Clans.

This summer, I will also be hand painting my cottons and rayons for next Springs Collection.  I love to dye and to mix colors under the shade of a tree on a breezy day.  The yarns will heat set in the yard for a few days and then later be washed and dried for use in the winter.  I have some new concepts on the drawing board for next Spring as well, and am eagerly waiting for those cold drab winter days to bring out my colorful yarns to cheer me up.  Of course I will also have my heater turned up to ward off the chill.

So as the seasons change I will be changing right along with them.  I will try to post more pics on my facebook site as well as in these blogs.

Hope to see ya’ll in Cullman Alabama April 20-21 for the Blossom Festival, Franklin TN April 27-28 Main St Festival, and May 4-6  Nashville at the TACA Show…

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