I have heard that one must be warped to weave, and although true in one sense, sometimes I believe that I may also be a bit warped. Why? Well it takes hours and hours to warp a loom correctly, each little thread (360 on my loom at 12epi) has to go through a heddle on one of four harnesses. When following a pattern for warping, it is very easy to grab the wrong heddle and thus causing one to be off on their count. Sometimes the mistake is not found until the end when the weaving has begun and the pattern looks a bit off. Although not hard to correct (by adding in a string heddle in the correct position) the frustration level incurred could make ones mind a bit warped by the time the weaving actually starts. At the time of this post, I do believe that I have woven over a thousand items with at least one mistake in the warping process in every four pieces…hmmmm, I do believe that is 250 mistakes over the years just in the warping process.
I have not taken into account broken warps, treadling errors, and misreading of pattern either..thus my inferring that to weave one must be a bit warped to spend hours and hours doing a process that was automated back in the industrial revolution. Why then do I continue weaving? Well with me it is a passion to create something beautiful from a series of colorful yarns. It is a wonderful feeling to see the appreciation in a customers eyes as they select the item they desire. As the year comes to an end, I am in the process of sorting yarns for next years projects and ordering new ones. The looms (3) are warped with wraps, scarves, and shrugs and ready to be woven.
So although the warping is done, the mistakes fixed, and the wefts wound onto spools, I can’t help but wonder if I am not a bit warped myself for continuing on into the new year..so I ask myself again does one have to warped to be able to weave? Happy New Years…..

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